Audiovisual installation, presented in September 2018, at CRU Gallery, under the curatorial work of Patrícia do Vale.
First presentation of [ih-theer-ee-uh I], a collective founded on the internet by José Miguel Silva and Rossana Mendes Fonseca, which seeks the very movement of searching for a common plane in which time and space can be blended in a horizon of sound and image.
Text and video at the art platform Motel Coimbra.

Summoning the strangeness of a hotel as a place of passage we inhabit, the exhibition device invites to the experience of duration, to the immersion in the “imagetic landscape and sound affect of this liminal space and time between house and travel, between alieness and identity, between full and empty. “
This ethereal space-time acquires a body, by the brief occupation of the bodies that are immersed in it, to leave it vacant as soon by the end of the wandering. “Liquid space and nocturnal time are summoned, calls from various passages, rhythmic affections that cross us and we traverse in the restless stillness of the spaces and times that we inhabit.”